The Katherine Palmer Award
Each year, PRI recognizes an individual who is not a professional paleontologist for the excellence of their contributions to the field. This award is named for PRI's second Director, Katherine Palmer, who was an avid supporter of avocational paleontology. The award is presented at the annual Fossil Expo of the Mid-America Paleontology Society in Macomb, Illinois. Click here to visit the Mid-America Paleontology Society homepage.

Previous recipients:
1993 James Nardi
1994 William D. Pitt
1995 Lelia and Bill Brayfield. (read the citation)
1996 Stephen H. Felton
1997 Lloyd and Freida Gunther
1998 Gerald Gunderson (read the citation)
1999 William F. Klose II (read the citation)
2000 John A. Catalani (read the citation)

2001 Joe Kchodl (read the citation)
2002 Jim and Sylvia Konecny (read the citation)
2003 Jay Tinker (read the citation)
2004 Paul Krohn and Wayne Meyers (read the citation)

The Gilbert Harris Award
This award is given annually by PRI, in recognition of excellence in contributions to systematic paleontology, to a scientist who, through outstanding research and commitment to the centrality of systematics in paleontology, has made a significant contribution to the science. It is named after PRI's founder who dedicated his career to the pursuit of systematic paleontology. The award is presented at the Friends of PRI reception at the annual national meeting of the Geological Society of America.

Previous recipients:
1993 David Dockery
1994 William A. Oliver
1995 Harold and Emily Vokes
1996 William Cobban
1997 Erle G. Kauffman
1998 Ann F. Budd
1999 J. Keith Rigby
2000 Brian Glenister
2001 Rodney Feldman
2002 Arthur J. Boucot
2003 Carole Hickman (read the citation)
2004 LouElla Saul (read the citation)
2005 Robert J. Elias (read acceptance speech)
2006 Thomas R. Waller
2007 J. Thomas Dutro Junior (read the citation)

To nominate an individual for either award above, please contact:

Director, Paleontological Research Institution
1259 Trumansburg Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850

phone: (607)273-6623 x14
fax: (607)273-6620

Student Award In Systematic Paleontology
In recognition of the importance of basic systematic research to the science of paleontology, the Paleontological Research Institution annually gives out an award in systematic paleontology to a deserving graduate student.

An award of $500 is available to a graduate student pursuing research in any area of systematic paleontology.

Previous recipients:

  • 2005: Kate Bromfield of the Centre for Marine Studies of the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia for her work on “Evolution of coral species over the Miocene-Pliocene boundary (6Ma) across the Indo-Pacific Region.”
  • 2004: Talia Karim, University of Iowa, for her work on "Lower Ordovician (Ibexian) trilobites of the Cow Head Group, western Newfoundland, Canada."
  • 2003 Ivana M. Stevanovic-Walls, University of Pennsylvania - "Lycopsids of Paracas, Peru."
  • 2002 Jennifer Harper, UNC Chapel Hill - "Taxonomic and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Gastrochaenoidea (Mollusca, Bivalvia)."
  • 2001 Marcela Cichowolski, the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina - "Cretaceous Nautiloids of Argentina and Antarctica"

To apply for this award, send a 500-word description of your research project together with a letter of recommendation from your primary research advisor to:

Warren Allmon, Director
Paleontological Research Institution
1259 Trumansburg Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

Phone: (607) 273-6623 x14
Fax: (607) 273-6620

Deadline: February 1, 2008

The Paleontological Research Institution
1259 Trumansburg Road
Ithaca, NY 14850 phone: 607-273-6623 fax: 607-273-6620
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