Pterygotus macrophthalmus


CLASS - Merostomata
ORDER - Eurypterida
FAMILY - Pterygotidae
GENUS/SPECIES - Pterygotus macrophthalmus

ROCK UNIT - Fiddler's Green Formation

AGE - Upper Silurian (410 million years old)

LOCALITY - Passage Gulf, Herkimer Co., New York (collected in 1965)

Seen here on the steps of PRI, this specimen of Pterygotus is the largest known eurypterid fossil in the world (1.26 meters long; over 4 feet). Fossils of individual segments and body parts hint at even larger sea scorpions (more than 2 meters in length). The body of Pterygotus differed greatly from the typical eurypterid design (as seen in Eurypterus remipes). This genus is distinguished by a scale-like pattern on the "shell", large bulbous eyes, unusually large claws and teeth, and a paddle-like tail.

PRI 42897

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