Job Opportunities at PRI

Volunteer Opportunities at PRI

Internships Currently Available

More information and listings to come.

To apply for an internship or inquire further, please send an email to Alicia Reynolds, Assistant Director of Museum Operations.
Include the following in your email:

  • Your specific qualifications (resume useful, but not required)
  • Your present location
  • Scholastic standing (e.g. "College Junior in Geology", "Second-Year M.S. Candidate in paleontology")
  • Dates available
  • If you are seekiong credit for your internship with a college or university

Please note - in general, we do not offer paid internships.

PRI does have a number of workstudy listings with Cornell University, Ithaca College, and TC3. If you qualify for the workstudy program, please contact your school's student employment center for more information on PRI workstudy positions.