The figure below shows the distribution of samples containing Conularia.

[ Conulariid distribution ]

Conularia is uncommon in the MRV strata.

[ Conulariid ]

Conularia Sowerby, 1821 [*C. quadrisulcata (=C. sowerbyi de Blainville, 1825; C. cancellata Sandberger, 1847)] [=Plectoconularia Boucek, 1939]
Transverse ribs well defined, closely spaced, finely tuberculate, with interspaces crossed by bars or striae; facial mid-line not marked surficially by groove or ridge nor produced internally as septal ridge.
U. Cam. - Perm., cosmopolitan
Family Conulariidae Walcott, 1886
Steep-sided pyramidal forms, mostly with quadrangular cross section, faces generally marked by evident transverse lirae or ribs which are deflected adapterally in crossing the face but longitudinal sculpture may dominate or the surface may be smooth except for small wrinkles; angles at corners typically thickened somewhat, with or without distinct furrow; mid-line of faces defined by narrow groove or ridge that in some genera corresponds to internal septa and it may be accompanied by 1 or 2 distinct longitudinal lines on either side, or mid-line may not be distinguishable as morphological feature; aperture closable by inward bending of facial periderm and apical extremity may consist of smoothly rounded diaphragm.
U. Cam. - Perm.
Order Conulariida Miller & Gurley, 1896

Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, F60.