The figure below shows the distribution of samples containing the strophomenid brachiopod Oepikina.

Oepikina is an uncommon strophomenid brachiopod in the MRV strata.

Oepikina Salmon, 1942 [*Oepikina septata].
Concavo-convex, with convex or gently geniculate pedicle valve and dorsally geniculate brachial valve; unequally parvicostellate, pseudodeltidium small. Teeth commonly crenulate or tuberculate, dental plates widely divergent; trans-muscle septa strongly developed and high anteriorly, dorsal subperipheral rim conspicuous.
M. Ord. - U. Ord., cosmopolitan.
Family Strophemenidae King, 1846
Concavo-convex to resupinate, rarely geniculate or rugate; apical foramen in adult shells small or (less commonly) closed, shells exceptionally attached by cementation; chilidium well developed, pseudodeltidium usually present but exceptionally resorbed in adult shells. Teeth simple, dental plates usually present; ventral muscle scar variable in outline; notothyrial platform anchor-shaped, dorsal adductor impressions subcircular to oval, traversed by 2 pairs of variable developed ridges (trans-muscle septa); mantle canal systems poorly preserved, but probably saccate in both valves of many genera.
M. Ord. - L. Dev.
Order Strophomenida Opik, 1934

Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, H389-390.