The figure below shows the distribution of samples containing the inarticulate brachiopod Schizocrania.

[ Schizocrania distribution ]

Schizocrania is an uncommon inarticulate brachiopod in the MRV strata.

[ Schizocrania ]

Schizocrania Hall & Whitfield, 1875 [*Orbicula? filosa Hall, 1847]
Subcircular to subtriangular in outline, convexiplane to convexiconcave; brachial valve ornamented by fine costellae, pedicle valve by concentric fila, costellae may also occur. Pedicle valve circular in outline, straight, listrium small; posterior margin of brachial valve slightly thickened, pair of elongate subtriangular muscle scars in posterior third of valve, second pair of poorly defined scars near center of valve.
Ord. - L. Dev., North America, Europe
Family Trematidae Schuchert, 1893
Beak of brachial valve marginal, protruding beyond pedicle valve; pedicle opening extending to posterior margin of pedicle valve in all growth stages.
M. Ord. - Dev.
Order Acrotretida Kuhn, 1949

Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, H283.