Map and key of the numbered sections

[ Outcrop map: Mohawk River Valley ]

The chronostratigraphic cross section shows twenty-one stratigraphic sections, some of which are composite sections. Their locations are shown on the map above, and their names are listed below.

  1. Trenton Falls
  2. Gravesville Mill Creek
  3. Poland composite section
  4. Rathbun Brook
  5. Shedd's Brook
  6. Buttermilk Creek
  7. brook on Farber Lane
  8. Stony Creek composite
  9. creek on Miller Road
  10. North Creek
  11. Gun Club Road
  12. New York Thruway
  13. New York Thruway
  14. New York Route 5S
  15. West Crum Creek composite
  16. Dolgeville Dam
  17. East Canada and East Crum Creeks
  18. Mother Creek
  19. Caroga Creek
  20. Canajoharie Creek
  21. Flat Creek
  22. Currytown Road
  23. Van Wie Creek
  24. South Chuctanunda Creek at New York Route 5S