How does your geographic region fit into the geologic scheme of things? Why are there sedimentary or igneous or metamorphic rocks in your backyard? The Teacher-Friendly Guide to the Geology of the Northeastern U.S. from the Paleontological Research Institution provides teachers with the tools to incorporate regional and local geology into the classroom. The impact of geology on students is far more significant and long lasting if examples from nearby locations are provided that illustrate a geologic process or topic. Examples of regional and local geology in the classroom not only energize students, but also facilitate observation-driven, inquiry-based teaching. The guide uses non-technical language, a loose-page, three-ring binder format for easy use in the classroom, provides corresponding student activities for each topic, and contains a compilation of Earth science resource information listed by state and topic. The Teacher-Friendly Guide will be an invaluable and affordable addition to every Earth science teacher's library.

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