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Maine Geological Survey, 22 State House Station Augusta, Maine, 04333, Phone: (207) 287-2801, Email:, Web Site:
Caldwell, D.W, 1998, Roadside Geology of Maine, Mountain Press Publishing Company: Missoula, Montana.
Loiselle, M.C. and W. B. Thompson, 1987, The Geology of Maine, Rocks and Minerals, Volume 62, p.386-389.
Osberg, P., A. M. Hussey and G.M. Boon, eds., 1985, Bedrock Geologic Map of Maine (Scale 1:500,000), Maine Geological Survey: Augusta, Maine.
Thompson, W. B., D. L. Joyner, R. G. Woodman, and V. T. King, 1998, A Collector's Guide to Maine Mineral Localities, 3rd ed. Maine Geological Survey: Augusta, Maine.
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