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New Jersey Geological Survey, 29 Arctic Parkway, P.O. Box 427 Trenton, NJ 08625 (609) 292-1185, fax (609) 633-1004,
Newark Basin and Connecticut River Basin:
New Jersey Science Teachers Association:
Sterling Hill Mining Museum:
Dooley, John H. and David P. Harper. 1996. New Jersey Rocks and Sediments. New Jersey Geological Survey; New Jersey.
Subitzkey, Semour, ed., 1969, Geology of Selected Areas in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, Rutgers University Press: New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Sugarman, Peter, 1998, Sea Level Rise in New Jersey, New Jersey Geological Survey: New Jersey.
Wolfe, Peter E., 1977, Geology and Landscape of New Jersey, Crane Russak: New York.
Yotton, James S., Brownstone Industry of New Jersey, Educational Series, New Jersey Geological Survey: Trenton, New Jersey.
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