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New York State Geological Survey, NYS Museum, State Education Department Education Building Albany, New York 12234, Web Site:
Isachsen, Y.W., E. Landings, J.M. Lauber, L.V. Rickard, and W.B. Rogers, eds., 2000, Geology of New York, A Simplified Account, New York State Geological Survey, New York State Museum Cultural Education Center: Albany, New York.
Van Diver, Bradford B., 1985, Roadside Geology of New York, Mountain Press Publishing Company: Missoula, Montana.
Basic Geology and Neotectonics of the Adirondacks
Deposition of the Catskill Clastic Wedge: Middle and upper Devonian History
Earth Science Program Innovation/Resources Team
Geology and Geography of New York Bight Beaches
Geology of Westchester County, New York:
Long Islands's Natural Environment On-line:
New York State Academy of Mineralogy:
New York State Museum Bulletins:
New York State Geological Association
New York State Geological Survey (unofficial):
New York Paleontological Society:
Overview: the Geology of Eastern New York:
The Rochester Academy of Science Fossil Section:
Jensen, D.E., 1978, Minerals of New York State, Ward press: Rochester, New York.
Schuberth, Christopher J., 1968, The Geology of New York City and Environs, Natural History Press: Garden City, New York.
Tesmer, L. H., ed., 1981, Colossal Cataract: The Geological History of Niagara Falls, State University of New York Press: Albany, New York.
Titus, Robert, 1993, The Catskills: A Geological Guide, United StatesGeological Survey, Purple Mountain Press: Fleshmanns, New York.
Von Engeln, O.D., 1961, The Finger Lakes Region: Its Origin and Nature, Cornell University Press: Ithaca, New York.
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