Introduction to Students

What was your neighborhood like 380 million years ago? What clues would you look for to find out the answer? The activities in this booklet will allow you to time travel to New Yorkís Ancient Seas. Be prepared to scuba dive in ancient coral reefs! There are activities that you can do with your classmates in school and also with your family at home and at the museum. Cool websites and books are listed in the back of the booklet that you can find on the computer or at the library to learn more about this wet time in earth history. Are you ready to time travel?

Introduction to Parents

At school your child has had the opportunity to time travel to an ancient sea through classroom activities and a presentation given by a real paleontologist! Your child may come home wanting to know more about the time a shallow ocean covered Central New York. This booklet contains several activities that you can do as a family at home and also at the museum. Recommended resources listed at the end of the booklet may also cultivate your childís interest in science and learning. Whether making fossil sandwiches in your kitchen or comparing ancient sea life at the museum this booklet will introduce your family to the excitement of the past and help you to keep your childís enthusiasm for science alive.

Introduction to Educators

This booklet is full of activities for your students to do in school, at home, and at the museum. Our goal is that these materials will be a useful resource for integrating PRI's ANCIENT SEAS program into your curriculum. While you may choose to do the activities in any order, the first one is specifically designed to introduce your class to fossils before your PRI program (remember to write down any questions you may have!). The second and third activities serve as a reiteration of program content and a synthesis for the new ideas that your students have been exposed to. Turn the page and prepare to engage your class in an earth history mystery as you head back in time to scuba dive in the oceans of New York!


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