History of Life lecture series

History of Life

History of Life — 2017 lecture series

Mondays beginning October 2
5:30 - 6:30pm in the Museum’s Classroom

Free and open to the public

Our History of Life series explores the diversification of life throughout our planet’s 4 billion year journey. Taught by top educators from the Paleontological Research Institution, this is a fun and informative introduction to the many facets of life and its evolution on Earth.


Oct 2: Perspectives on Life — Warren Allmon
Discover nearly four billion years of life, from its origins to the diversification of animals.
Oct 9: Ancient Seas over New York State — Rob Ross
Learn about the marine life that was buried in your backyard 380 million years ago.
Oct 16: Botany: Life takes to Land — Maureen Bickley
Participate in the growing story of plants taking root in Earth’s history.
Oct 23: [No presentations this week]
Oct 30: Rule of the Reptiles — Warren Allmon
Learn about the emergence and domination of reptiles on land, in the sea, and in the air.
Nov 6: Oceans of Today — Jon Hendricks
Study the spectacular diversity of life that inhabits our modern oceans.
Nov 13: Marvelous Mammals — Andrielle Swaby
Delve into the past, present, and future of mammalian dominance on Earth.