Holiday Break Activities at the Museum

Holiday Break

Blast Off with Geology! — Holiday Break Programs at the Museum

December 26-30, 2017
Museum of the Earth

Are you looking for an adventure for your family over the holiday school break? Blast off with Geology! at the Museum of the Earth. These daily activities are in celebration of our Mapping the Planets in Silk and Sound special exhibit. They run Tuesday, December 26, through Saturday, December 30, 2017, and are included with admission (free for members--including YNAP).

Every day:

No Place Like Space Storytime — Everyday at 10:30 am: Blast off this winter from The Museum of the Earth! Gather around as we listen, look, sing and explore with picture books. Join us every day at 10:30 with your toddlers and preschoolers for an outer space experience including stories, activities, songs and crafts.

Take off with Geology Activities — Everyday from 1 - 3 pm: Celebrating our special exhibit Mapping the Planets in Silk and Sound, the Museum is exploring the solar system every day between the Christmas and New Years holidays with new activities every day.

  • Tuesday, Dec 26:

    Playing the Field with Geologic Time — Since it is Football season we decided to discover the immense timescale that is Geologic time by comparing it to a football field. Make a first down by laying out Earth’s history on the Geologic Football Field. How many millions of years is that?

  • Wednesday, Dec 27:

    Mapping the Solar System — Try your hand at laying out the planets of the solar system to scale using our special exhibit gallery. The solar system is a big place; get ready to move.

  • Thursday, Dec 28:

    Astrobiology: Is There Life Out There? — discuss the possibilities of finding life in space. What do scientists need to think about, what kind of new techniques are being used. Try your hand at a game to determine if some lifeform might be found on another planet or moon. What kind of chance is there to find life in our solar system?

  • Friday, Dec 29:

    Rock Cycle of Life — What can rocks tell us about the past. What can rocks tell us about what has happened on other planets? Can all the kinds of Earth rocks be found on other planets? Come find out.

  • Saturday, Dec 30:

    Planetary Swag for the Season — Learn about the amazing solar system by stretching your creative side and making some planetary swag. Using Shrinky Dink techniques, make planetary jewelry or a key ring for your back pack.