Outdoor Dig Site

Paleontology Experience — Outdoor Dig Site

Artist’s rendition of outdoor dig site featuring the skeleton of Coelophysis (New York’s only known dinosaur)

This exhibit will help us introduce approximately 75,000 children over the next 10 years to science and nature through play-based, hands-on activities that stimulate curiosity, thought, and imagination. Their experiences at the Museum will inevitability influence them for generations to come.

Children learn through creative play. This project will build more than just a fun exhibit-for children, it will inspire curiosity, exploration, and inquiry — the basis of all scientific investigations. For parents, it will build another trusted, enjoyable learning experience to share. Kids will be able to excavate fossils in this interactive dig site by climbing into a fossil pit and digging within the "earth" for hidden bones of a long-extinct creature. They can also use various tools, such as age-appropriate shovels, brushes, and laminated identification sheets to uncover and identify specimens-just like a real paleontologist in the field!

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We have completed our $10,000 challenge grant for this project! Thank you to Kionix for this generous grant, as well as our many supporters who have helped make the dig site a reality. If you are interested in making a donation to our other Early Learners projects so over 75,000 children between the ages of 2-5 can be introduced to Earth science concepts, please make a gift below.

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Please feel free to call me directly at 607-273-6623 x 15 if you have any questions. Many thanks for entertaining our request.

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