Does Biodiversity Change? Is Biodiversity Changing Now? Biodiversity Loss and Humans
Future for Biodiversity What if Loss Occurs? What Can Be Done? Biodiversity Hotspots
Most predictions for the future of biodiversity in the coming century indicate that loss of species will continue unless drastic measures are taken to curtail habitat loss and climate change. This figure shows extinction rates in the past, present, and as predicted for the future according to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. The current and future extinction rates are many times higher than those of the past as seen in the fossil record.
Another way to visualize the future for biodiversity is shown below. In this image, the current amount of biodiversity is shown in the outermost circle. Each of the inner circles shows shrinking biodiversity in the future; the innermost circle, the smallest one, shows that if we continue “business as usual,” and do not make any effort to protect biodiversity, at some point in the future the diversity and amount of biodiversity will be vastly less than it currently is.
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