Evolution & Creationism: A Very Short Guide, 2nd ed.

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Organic evolution – the theory that all living things are connected by genealogy and have changed through time – is unique among all scientific theories. No other concept in science has produced so much controversy, debate, and emotion outside of scientific circles. Evolution, indeed, is the central idea in modern biology. Modern Western society beyond science has, to a remarkable degree, been shaped by its widespread scientific acceptance. In this sense, we all effectively live in Darwin’s world. Why then does the majority of the general public know so little about evolution, and why don’t they accept what they know? This small volume serves the general reader – including teachers, parents, students, and elected officials – as a compact, concise, user-friendly handbook addressing these issues and providing an easy entry into the huge existing literature.

Warren D. Allmon

Pages: 128

Issue: 35

Year published: 2009