Field Guide to the Cayuga Lake Region: Its Flora, Fauna, Geology, and History

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Six miles north of the city of Ithaca, high on the west side of Cayuga Lake, the longest of New York’s fabled Finger Lakes, is Cayuga Nature Center. Originally built in 1939 as a country refuge for children exposed to tuberculosis, the CNC is today a popular activities center and respected authority on the natural resources of the Region. This volume summarizes the varied flora, fauna, and other natural wonders of the land preserved at the CNC, much of which applies to northern and central New York State. Over three-hundred species or varieties of plants, animals, insects, snails, fossils, & others are described and illustrated in full color.“This book is both for the enjoyment and enlightenment of those fortunate enough to live in or visit the spectacularly beautiful but insufficiently appreciated Finger Lakes region. In using this guide, I hope that the reader will find that the beauty of this unique area lies not only in observing its life and landscape, but in the recognition that human understanding of nature is both its own reward and the key to our survival.” (Warren Allmon, PRI). Published in cooperation with Cayuga Nature Center.

James Dake

Pages: 152

Issue: 36

Year published: 2009