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Warren Allmon, on the Land & People radio show

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Land & People on WVBR-FM features discussions about environmental, energy and land-use issues grounded in a good understanding of natural history and the natural sciences. Our Director, Warren Allmon, is live with host Bill Chaisson every third Sunday from 6 - 7pm ET.

Past shows with Warren on WRFI.org:

August 2015:A Primer of Ithaca Geology for Newcomers
July 2015:[break]
June 2015:The Cayuga Nature Center and Its Exhibit-in-Progress, Layers of Life
May 2015:In the Aftermath of the Nepal: All About Earthquakes
April 2015:The Role of Paleontology in the Early History of Cornell
March 2015:Why Teaching Historical Geology is Important
February 2015:The Local and Global Aspects of Glaciation (with a smattering of Walt Whitman)
January 2015:Extinction in the Ocean
December 2014:Teaching Evolution
November 2014:Earth Systems Science
October 2014:The Social Aspects of Science: Communicating Research to Colleagues and the Public
September 2014:The History of Geology as a Science
August 2014:Of Kimberlites and Trilobites: The Geological History of the Finger Lakes
July 2014:Everything is Paleontology: From Glaciers to Coral Reefs

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