School's Out Camp Registration Form

School's Out Camp Registration Form


Here are the registration steps:

  1. Submit this form online.
  2. If paying by check, mail in your payment.
  3. Mail or fax a signed Medical Information form, along with a copy of the latest immunization records for your camper, at least ONE WEEK prior to your registered week of camp. CAMPERS WITHOUT THE NECESSARY FORMS ON FILE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ATTEND CAMP.

Checking the consent boxes below and submitting this form electronically with payment constitutes your signed consent to all policies detailed in this form.


(member / non-member)
1-day camps: $45 / $50
1-week camps: $225 / $250
Note: Enter as XXX-XXX-XXXX
Note: Enter as XXX-XXX-XXXX



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Photo Consent

Pick-up Information

For your camper’s protection, only you, any persons specified below, or someone who knows your camper’s sign-out password will be permitted to pick up your camper. (If protection orders, restraining orders, etc. are relevant, please attach a note describing the situation so that we may ensure the safety of your child.)

In addition to myself, the following people have my permission to pick up my camper:

Please choose a password that you can easily remember but is not easy for a stranger to figure out ( such as a nickname or pet name). You and anyone picking up your camper MUST be able to write this password down on our sign-out sheet. Campers will not be allowed to go home with people who do not know the password until the primary guardian has been contacted via phone.

Please notify us in writing or by calling the Camp Director of any changes in transportation arrangements whether temporary or permanent, we will NOT make changes based on verbal messages from your child. Please discuss the procedures and rules that your camper is to follow during check-out and with whom they may be picked-up.

Final Confirmation