Natural History Highlights at CNC

Natural History Highlights at the Nature Center

Nature Center | Each weekday during the Summer at 1 pm
Free for members; Included with non-member admission

Join our naturalists each weekday at 1 pm to discover and learn about local flora and fauna, evolution, and the physical processes that define the natural world. Each day's program will fall under a set theme, but the content presented will vary.


Mondays: Plants

Discover the green and growing things that fill the forests and fields, and learn about the important roles they play in the ecosystem and human society.

Tuesdays: Wildlife

From tiny insects to big bears, we will investigate the wild animals that call our region home.

Wednesdays: Bones and Bodies

Discover the common structures inside all vertebrates (animals with skeletons), and learn how we can see evidence for evolution in every living thing.

Thursdays: Earth and the Environment

From rocks and soils to weather and climate, take a closer look at the Earth we live on and how Earth processes affect the life we see around us every day.

Fridays: Birds

Feel feathers and take wing as you learn where birds came from, what makes them different, and how they live.