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PRI is pleased to collaborate with the Paleontological Society in offering some of its back publications for purchase. This includes the following:

  • Short Course Notes, superseded by Paleontological Society Papers (ISSN 1089-3326), reflects the annual short course that the Paleontological Society offers during the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. The Short Course workbooks for 1994 and 1995 are still available, as are all of the Paleontological Society Papers issued since 1996. We anticipate the addition of one title per year to this list.
  • Special Publications are occasional publications, usually presenting the results of society-sponsored symposia and meetings. These issues contain current data and concepts in an accessible format, and at very affordable prices!
  • Journal of Paleontology’s 1999 issue on “Trilobite Paleobiology” is also offered here. For additional information about JP, including access to other back issues, see the Paleontological Society website.

Paleontological Society publications are offered by single-issue purchase and standing order. Forthcoming titles are posted on this website, in the “back issues” list.

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Year   Title Authors Pub No.
2007 Publication image Pond Scum to Carbon Sink: Geological and Environmental Applications of the Diatoms Starratt, Scott W PS 13
2006 Publication image Geochronology: Emerging Opportunities Olszewski, Thomas D. PS 12
2005 Publication image Paleobiogeography: Generating New Insights into the Coevolution of the Earth and its Biota Leiberman, Bruce S.; Alycia L. Stigall Rode PS 11
2004 Publication image Neoproterozoic-Cambrian Biological Revolutions Lipps, Jere H.; Ben M. Waggoner PS 10
2003 Publication image Bridging the Gap: Trends in the Ostracode Biological and Geological Sciences Park, Lisa E.; Alison J. Smith PS 9
2002 Publication image Evolution: Investigating the Evidence, 2nd ed. Scotchmoor, Judy; Dale A. Springer PS 11
2002 Publication image The Fossil Record of Predation Kowalewski, Michael; Patricia H. Kelley PS 8
2001 Publication image Brachiopods Ancient and Modern: A Tribute to G. Arthur Cooper Carlson, Sandra J.; Michael R. Sandy PS 7
2000 Publication image Guidelines for the Management and Curation of Invertebrate Fossil Collections including a data model and standards for computerization White, Russell D.; Warren D. Allmon PS 10
2000 Publication image Phanerozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems Gastaldo, Robert A.; William A. DiMichele PS 6
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