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PRI is pleased to collaborate with the Paleontological Society in offering some of its back publications for purchase. This includes the following:

  • Short Course Notes, superseded by Paleontological Society Papers (ISSN 1089-3326), reflects the annual short course that the Paleontological Society offers during the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. The Short Course workbooks for 1994 and 1995 are still available, as are all of the Paleontological Society Papers issued since 1996. We anticipate the addition of one title per year to this list.
  • Special Publications are occasional publications, usually presenting the results of society-sponsored symposia and meetings. These issues contain current data and concepts in an accessible format, and at very affordable prices!
  • Journal of Paleontology’s 1999 issue on “Trilobite Paleobiology” is also offered here. For additional information about JP, including access to other back issues, see the Paleontological Society website.

Paleontological Society publications are offered by single-issue purchase and standing order. Forthcoming titles are posted on this website, in the “back issues” list.

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Year   Title Authors Pub No.
1999 Publication image The Evolution-Creation Controversy II: Perspectives on Science, Religion, and Geological Education Kelley, Patricia H.; Jonathan R. Bryan, Thor A. Hansen PS 5
1999 Publication image Trilobite Paleobiology   PS 2
1998 Publication image Isotope Paleobiology and Paleoecology Norris, Richard D.; Richard M. Corfield PS 4
1997 Publication image Geobiology of Echinoderms Waters, Johnny A.; Christopher G. Maples PS 3
1996 Publication image Learning from the Fossil Record Scotchmoor, Judy; Frank K. McKinney PS 2
1996 Publication image Paleobiology and Biology of Corals Stanley Jr., George D. PS 1
1995 Publication image Siliceous Microfossils Blome, Charles D.; Patricia M. Whalen, Katherine M. Reed PS 8
1994 Publication image Major Features of Vertebrate Evolution Prothero, Donald R.; Robert M. Schoch PS 7
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