Strategic Plan FY2020-FY2024


The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) has significant influence in the overall “ecosystem” of natural history-oriented institutions. Through its research staff, collections, and educational programs, PRI has gained wide acknowledgement--from both scientific and educational communities--for its innovation, relevance, and impact. As a freestanding institution, it can leverage with relative freedom its worldwide connections to reinforce its influence and goals. Indeed, despite its size, PRI is one of the few institutions in the country that can easily connect the important strands of staff and visitor research to its education programs and outreach under a single roof. With premier fossil collections and as custodian of living ecosystems, PRI can harness its resources for new insights into both the evolution of our Earth and its present processes.

This Strategic Plan has been developed to serve as a road map for the next five years, starting in Fiscal Year 2020. Click on the sections below to learn about where PRI is now, and where it is planning to go over the next five years:

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