Nature Center Programs

Day Camp

We offer day camps throughout the year including School's Out Camp in January, Winter Camp in February, Spring Camp in April, and 10 weeks of Summer Camp from late June through early September. Click here for more information.

TEAM Challenge

This exclusive challenge course program is located on our property in a beautiful wooded setting. While embodying the "Challenge by Choice" philosophy (participation in each of the various activities is voluntary), participants are encouraged to push their personal limits; for example, perhaps climbing to heights of 30 feet and/or traversing on ropes through the treetops. Click here for more information.

Animal Programs

Our Animal Programs can be tailored to your needs and age groups; for example, we could create a class on vertebrates or nocturnal animals. Many programs can travel to your class or site. Set programs include:

Animal Adaptations

Students will learn about the behaviors and physical traits that help animals survive in their natural habitats. This program provides a hands-on opportunity to interact with mammals, reptiles, and birds, all part of our live animal collection.For Grades PreK+

World of Reptiles

Interact with our cold-blooded reptiles and learn how turtles, snakes, and lizards are related, yet radically different. Dispel some common myths about these fascinating animals.For Grades PreK+

Outdoor Educational Programs

Awesome Aquatics

Using stream and pond ecosystems, students will learn about the animals that live in local aquatic habitats. Active games and arts and crafts will focus on the adaptations of fish, aquatic insects, frogs, and turtles that students find in class or in our collection.For Grades PreK-2

Seasons Change

Use your senses to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste how the seasons are changing. Seasonal themes include maple trees, blossoms, scents, apples, changing leaves, and tracking. Discover the wonders of the seasons on an interactive walk through the Nature Center woods. For Grades PreK-2


Students will learn the rules for survival when stranded in the woods. They will build a shelter, eat wild edibles, make a fire, and look for wildlife in this exciting class. For Grades 3+

Water Ecology

Be prepared to get your feet wet in this fun class. Students will use nets to collect and identify common organisms found in the stream and pond. Relationships to water quality, the food chain and adaptations for an aquatic environment will be stressed. For Grades 3+

Forest Ecology

Study the Finger Lakes forests using plot surveys. Explore the forest floor discovering the characteristics of trees, the decaying process, and the surrounding wildlife. Compare notes with the other groups in your class. For Grades 3+

Geology of the Finger Lakes

Learn about geology by exploring the Nature Center’s gorge and views of Cayuga Lake. Focusing on the mechanisms of glaciers, erosion, sedimentation, and the rock cycle, students will observe stream power at work and hike to interesting geological sites. For Grades 3+

Seasonal Programs

Maple (late winter–early spring)

Students will study Sugar Maple trees and learn the process of how maple trees are tapped and sap becomes syrup. They will learn the historical background of maple sugaring, gain knowledge of maple trees and their ecology, and see the equipment used to make syrup and learn how it is used. For Grades PreK+

Apple Cidering (fall)

Learn the history and uses of apples in the United States and around the world. Students will encounter seed dispersal and species propagation. Students will encounter seed dispersal and species propagation, press apples, and taste the finished product. For Grades PreK+

Butterflies and Moths (June–September)

Explore our Butterfly Garden and learn about the butterfly life cycle through games and demonstrations. Use nets to try to catch butterflies and moths to help populate the Butterfly Garden. Learn about nectar and host plants and bring home milkweed seeds to help the local monarchs! For Grades PreK-2

Winter Ecology (winter)

Students will discover the unique ecology and features of winter by venturing into snow-covered woods and fields. They will observe signs of wildlife and discuss their adaptations. Explore global issues related to seasonal change. For Grades 3+

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact:

Matt Sacco
Director of Nature Center Programs
607-273-6260 x224
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For animal programs only:
Savannah Wilson
Animal Education Manager
607-273-6260 x225
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All programs are 1 hour unless otherwise scheduled.


Contact our education department for current rates and availability.

Recommended 1:10 chaperone to student ratio. Adults over this number will be charged regular admission.