Each year TEAM Challenge helps hundreds of participants develop cooperative problem-solving skills and accelerate communication skills. We provide team building games and initiatives on our low ropes course that encourage participants to work together.

Feedback from KDT Evaluations has included the following quotes from local teachers:

“The activities give the trip a real purpose and allow the students to interact in a meaningful way.”

“The trip was super. There was team building, trust for others, and personal challenges cheered on by classmates.”

What is TEAM Challenge?

TEAM Challenge is our team building and leadership program located on our property in a beautiful wooded setting. While embodying the "Challenge by Choice" philosophy (participation in each of the various activities is voluntary), participants are encouraged to push their personal limits. Our low rope elements help to stimulate different team-building principles such as leadership, cooperation, communication, and trust.

What Does TEAM Challenge Do?

Each year TEAM Challenge helps hundreds of participants develop cooperative problem-solving skills and accelerate communication skills. Rather than discussing different theories of team-building, group dynamics and leadership, we provide group initiatives and low ropes course elements that encourage participants to work together, support each other, and try new leadership roles.

The trained staff members of TEAM Challenge are here to ensure the group’s safety and serve as a guide to your team building experience. Our goal is to help your group have a positive and memorable experience here at Cayuga Nature Center.

Who Participates in TEAM Challenge?

TEAM Challenge is for everyone! The minimum age is 10 (or 5th grade) but there is no maximum. Teachers and their school groups, Girl and Boy scouts, college athletes, summer camps programs, and corporate groups who come here annually for team building and professional development. Our programs are physically engaging, but not necessarily physically demanding; anyone can participate.

Each program is tailored to the specific needs and goals of your group. No two programs are exactly alike. Program length may vary from a few hours to a week-long workshop. Programs are usually held on the Nature Center grounds, but we also travel to conduct programs at the location of your choice.

The minimum group size is 6 and the maximum is 50 (unless special arrangements have been made).



  • Youth (10 - 18): $10/hr per person
  • Adults (age 19+): $12/hr per person
  • Course Fee: $70 per hour

For example: A group of 12 adults coming here for a three-hour program: $12 x 12 people x 3 hours = $432
Course Fee $70 x 3 hours = $210
Total Program Cost = $642


Have our trained facilitators come to you! These programs waive the course fee but have additional fees for mileage and travel. Please call for details.

Come take the challenge!

All events must be booked at least two weeks in advance by phone or email. For more information or to reserve your program, please contact:

Matt Sacco
Director of Nature Center Programs
607-273-6260 x224
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For TEAM Challenge Forms, please choose the following links. All forms are in PDF format.