Collecting fossils in Antarctica can be an exciting but dangerous job - there are storms, freezing temperatures, and all food, shelter, and other supplies must be brought with you! Helicopters and boats are used for transport, but travel plans can be halted by blizzards and sea ice. For these reasons, expeditions to the continent happen during summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Temperatures at that time of the year are often above freezing on the Antarctic Peninsula, there is much less ice, and the weather is much milder than in the winter. Taking trips to Antarctica to collect is expensive and sometimes dangerous, any material that has been brought back from expeditions is very important. Now these fossils can be easily studied in the collection of the Paleontological Research Institution by people who would not be able to go all the way to Antarctica and collect the fossils themselves.

Seymour Island - located just east of the Antarctic Peninsula, with nearby Cockburn Island in the background.