The Paleontological Research Institution is a national leader in Earth systems science education research and programming dedicated to sharing knowledge and to understanding the science by which we gain that knowledge. We offer a diversity of programs and resources on Earth Science topics including evolution, geology, the environment, climate, energy, and the public understanding of science. We serve learners of all ages, provide professional development for educators, offer college- and graduate-level courses, and interact with audiences from local to national.

Our facilities at the Museum of the Earth and the Cayuga Nature Center provide venues for hands-on education that emphasizes science as an inquiry-driven process of exploration and discovery. We offer programs at local schools, create classroom-friendly activities and content, and send specimens to learners across the globe. We lead professional development that introduces educators of all backgrounds to innovative pedagogy and technology to serve their communities.

PRI also conducts research on science education and the public perception of science, and participates in both local and national initiatives to improve education practices and increase scientific literacy. Through our education and outreach endeavors we strive to promote Earth stewardship and to continue to make science relevant to our local, state, national and international audiences.