Cornell University and Paleontological Research Institution
Statement on Kitzmiller et al., v. Dover Area School District

December 21, 2005

Opinion for the plaintiffs

By barring the teaching of Intelligent Design in public school science classes, U.S. District Court Judge John E. Jones III has struck a blow for science and against the unconstitutional insertion of religion into the public schools. In the case of Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District, Judge Jones found that the premises of "intelligent design" (ID) are not testable by the methods of science and that no credible scientific evidence has been presented for it. Any limitations in scientific knowledge must be filled by more science, not appeals to religious belief. He also rejected the introduction of those beliefs into the curriculum, noting as he did so the mendacity of the board members who denied in court the religious motivations they flaunted outside. Many Americans view science and religion as compatible but one may not be substituted for the other in the public schools.

We would like to believe that this case will mark the end of efforts to introduce ID into public school science classes, but exhortations to "teach the controversy" are likely to persist. All who care about science, science education, and the positive role of science in contemporary society must remain vigilant against future attempts to subvert the scientific way of knowing for religious or political ends.

Warren Allmon
Director, Paleontological Research Institution, Adjunct Associate Professor of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Stephen Hamilton
Professor of Human Development, Associate Provost for Outreach

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Eric Alani, Associate Professor of Genetics

Warren D. Allmon, Director, Paleontological Research Institution, and Adjunct Associate Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

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