Maureen is a veterinarian who graduated from, and met her husband at, the Ohio State University -School of Veterinary Medicine in 1985. While living in Raleigh, North Carolina, her interest changed to all things ancient and petrified after reading about dinosaurs with her twin daughters who were born in 1997. She started volunteering at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences as a docent and fossil preparator. When her husband was offered a position at Cornell’s School of Veterinary Medicine, her family moved to New York in 2006 and she started volunteering at Museum of the Earth. Maureen stayed around long enough to become a permanent fixture. (Some would say a “fossil”) She was hired as the Volunteer Coordinator in 2011. But her persistence, skills, and love of education led to her appointment as the Museum Education Manager and Prep Lab Supervisor in 2015. She is at home educating the public about Earth’s natural history, especially dinosaurs.

Maureen’s educational reach is wide, from leading Museum or Collection tours and educating school age students to training docents in the Museum and Prep Lab and curating the education specimens. She has a strong science and art background and loves to combine the two when creating activities for the Museum. Maureen feels the science of the Earth and its history is such an important topic today and society needs to learn all they can about the past to better understand the future. She hopes to inspire people, young and old, to be more comfortable with the topics of Earth science, evolution, as well as paleontology and geology. She would even try to answer the occasional sick cat question if asked, but would rather point out abnormal findings related to animal health in a fossil.