Stanley Meltzoff, “Wahoo, Cuda and Shark”, “Black Marlin Breaking and Feeding on Chambered Nautilus” and “Broadbill, Mako, Lancetfish, Sea Arrows; in the Glow of the Cyalumes” © Silverfish Press

Into The Depths: Marine Paintings By Stanley Meltzoff

Oct 21, 2016 - May 1, 2017

Stanley Meltzoff (1917-2006) is regarded as the premier master of marine wildlife art. As a child on the New Jersey shore, he was fascinated by the underwater world and began skin diving and spearfishing at an early age, and took up SCUBA diving and underwater photography shortly after WWII. For many years, Meltzoff’s use of underwater photography enabled him to build up a large collection of reference images, and his breathtaking depictions of fish in their natural environments changed the world of sporting art dramatically. Meltzoff was the very first artist to paint big-game fish in their natural realm, and he remains the undisputed master of the genre.

Into The Depths celebrates his artistry and ability to capture the light, motion and dramatic action of undersea life in this series of paintings.

This traveling exhibition is owned and organized by Silverfish Press.

Have some fun in the exhibit!

Download this activity to do while visiting the Museum. This 2-page activity connects our temporary exhibit of beautiful marine paintings by Stanley Meltzoff with our Journey Through Time permanent exhibits exploring the predator-prey interaction. It is intended for visitors 10 yrs and older. If you forget yours at home, please ask for one at the Admission Desk.