Starting in October 2008, Bulletins of American Paleontology is available in both print and electronic version, beginning with subscription year 2006. During this transitional period, subscribers to the electronic version of any year since 2006 will also receive electronic access to any year (2006 to present) to which they previously subscribed. So for example, if Library A purchases an electronic 2009 subscription, but had previously subscribed to BAP (print version) for 2006-2008, that library will receive access to electronic versions of BAP for 2006-2009 at no extra charge. At least one subscription year (any year) must be paid for during or after October 2008 for access to BAP Online to be activated.

Access to BAP Online is available to individuals or to institutions. Each subscribing institution can grant access to qualified users through its website. Electronic versions to which you have access will automatically show on the BAP Online website when you login individually (if you have an individual subscription) or through your library or institution (if your institution holds the subscription).

Each subscribing individual or institution is required to file a Licensing Agreement to obtain electronic access. Because this form requires an authorized signature, the form must be printed, completed, and mailed, faxed, or emailed to PRI. See further instructions on the form.

Most issues of BAP published between 1940 and 2002 (nos. 96-371) are now also available as open access documents in the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Hard copies that are still in print are offered for sale on this website.

Note: BAP is behind in its publication schedule. In the back issue listing, both publication year and subscription year are provided for each number. Subscribers receive access to issues based on subscription year. Efforts are being made, dependent on manuscripts and resources, to catch up with this lag as soon as possible.

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