Dr. John C. Handley is a Principal Scientist at Xerox Corporation in Webster, New York. He is an avid amateur fossil collector and industrial statistician who contributes his quantitative expertise to numerous projects in paleobiology. He was elected Fellow of the Rochester Academy of Science for his scientific outreach and contributions to paleontology. John has served as a Trustee of PRI since January 2011. His research interests include quantitative paleoecology of marine invertebrates, especially modeling large-scale patterns of community structure and diversity. He applies and extends statistical approaches from a number of fields including modern ecology to paleoecology. John has published in Paleobiology and Palaios and has presented at North American Paleontological Conventions in 2005 and 2009. His research work at Xerox currently is directed toward modeling public transportation systems and risk in service contracts. John holds a BS and MS in mathematics from Ohio State University and a PhD in imaging science from Rochester Institute of Technology.