William F. Klose II, recipient of the 1999 Katherine Palmer Award and Paleontological Research Institute Research Associate, has been collecting fossils for over 50 years. As a United States Navy veteran, Klose traveled the world, all the while passionately collecting and identifying fossils that span all phyla and ages. Upon his return, Klose attended Rennsalaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, with a major in Geology, and went on to work for Proctor and Gamble in Pennsylvania. In 1976, Klose began to selflessly donate his remarkably well-curated personal collection of an estimated 40,000 specimens to PRI. In addition to these donations, Klose has also contributed tens of thousands of specimens of fossil plants to the Pennsylvania State Museum, and an enormous collection of graptolites from the Ordovician of New York, which is one of the finest anywhere. Klose has been particularly generous in acquiring specimens for the Institution that could otherwise never have been able to be obtained. His research and devotion to collections has benefitted research institutes, museum collections, and generations of interested visitors for many years to come. Since his retirement in 1997, Klose has become an active volunteer in the collections departments of several institutions including PRI, Pennsylvania State Museum, the Reading Public Museum, and the Everhard Museum.