Dr. Karl A. Wilson holds a B.A. in Biology and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the State University of New York at Buffalo. After a postdoctoral fellowship at Purdue University he joined the Department of Biological Sciences at Binghamton University, where he taught biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology for 36 years. His research focused on the mechanisms and regulation or protein degradation in plant systems, especially germinating seeds.

Along with these molecular-level interests, Karl has had a life-long interest in paleontology. Growing up in Western New York, he developed a fascination in the life-forms found in the Devonian fossil record, especially epibionts and their paleoecology. Karl has assisted on numerous PRI summer field trips, and is the author of “Field Guide to the Devonian Fossils of New York”.

Selected Publications (*** = peer-reviewed)

  • Wilson, K.A.. 2014. Field Guide to the Devonian Fossils of New York.. Paleontological Research Institution Special Publication No. 44, Ithaca, NY. ISBN 978-0-87710-506-0. 261 pages.. [book] [#825]