Veronica Padovani is an informal science educator. In 2011, she earned her Ph.D. from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Earth System Sciences: Environment Resources and Cultural Heritage. She also has a Master’s in Sciences for the Recovery and Preservation of Archaeological Heritage and a degree in Sciences for Cultural Heritage. Since before graduating, she has worked on several scientific exhibitions as a text writer, as a docent, and as a curator and as an evaluator, also gaining experience in the accessibility of blind and partially sighted audiences to museum exhibitions. Her activities focus mainly on the role geosciences play in the knowledge and preservation of cultural heritage. Since 2014 she has been Adjunct Professor for the course Lithology and Geology for Architecture in Parma University. She has collaborated with PRI since 2008 and she has recently curated the Italian edition of the book Evolution and Creationism. A Very Short Guide by PRI’s Director Warren D. Allmon, published by CICAP.

Among her publications:

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