John W. Wells Grants-in-Aid of Research Program

  • 2008: Sarah Kolbe of the University of Cincinnati, for “Regional morphological variation in venerid and arcid bivalves: dissection along onshore-offshore gradients in the southeastern Gulf Coastal Plain.”
  • 2009: Travis Deptola of the Juniata College, for “Metabolic rate scaling of the trilobite Phacops rana.
  • 2010: Megan Seitz of Michigan State University, for "A reconsideration of the Arthrophycus ichnogenus: Definition, biostratigraphic utility and a proposal to develop a numerical ichnotaxonomy.”
  • 2011: Tom Tobin of the University of Washington, for studies on the Zinsmeister Antarctic ammonites; and Jansen Smith of Macalester College, for "Confamilial predation in naticid gastropods from North Carolina through a pulsed extinction in the Plio-Pleistocene."
  • 2012: Erin Saupe of University of Kansas, for "Integrating ecology and evolution in deep time: using ecological niche modeling to study species' evolutionary responses to climate from the Pliocene to the present-day biodiversity crisis."