Features: stereo/photomicroscope; microblaster; pin vises; adhesives, consolidants, and sculpting material; fume hood.

Prep Lab represents a complete renovation of the Museum of the Earth’s Preparation Laboratory, originally built in 2003. Prep Lab is both a research space and a public exhibition; PRI staff, graduate students, and trained volunteers conduct fine specimen preparation in view of the visiting public. Viewing windows allow visitors to talk with experts in the lab, and a monitor outside the lab features images from a microscope camera, providing visitors with an inside view of the process. From the massive bones of dinosaurs to the delicate skeletons of trilobites, a wide variety of scientific specimens are prepared within Prep Lab for study and/or display. In addition to specimens from PRI, Prep Lab is also preparing loaned material from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, American Museum of Natural History, and other world-renowned institutions.

Special thanks to 2010-2011 Prep Lab donors H. Allen Curran, Shirley Egan, Laura Gattoni, Jim Morin, Jennifer Liber Raines, Nancy Ridenour, Myra Shulman, Don Wilson, and Anonymous.