The Mastodon Matrix Project™ has been discontinued

We thank all the 60,000 participants in the Mastodon Matrix Project over the past 12 years, helping to keep this project in the top 10 most successful citizen science program in the US since 2011 ( Unfortunately, although we have solicited numerous government and NGO resources we have not been able to secure sustainable funding sources for the program. It is with great regret that we are discontinuing the Project at this time. Of course, we will continue to search for a funding source to sustain the Project, and will keep this site updated on any progress.

Welcome to the Mastodon Matrix Project™

Over the past decade tens of thousands of students from across the U.S. have participated in the Mastodon Matrix Project™. The project has attracted considerable media attention, most recently an article first published in

4th-Grade "Paleontologists" Discover 11,500-Year-Old Mastodon Hair

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