Media Coverage for the Hyde Park Mastodon

The Hyde Park Mastodon has been featured on radio, television, and newspapers around the country. Featured articles have run in the New York Times and People Magazine. The Lozier Family was featured in Tom Brokaw's new book "In Search of America".

In October of 2001, the Hyde Park Mastodon was the subject of a Discovery Channel Special "Mastodon in Your Backyard: The Ultimate Guide". This special has aired both in the US and Europe.

Following are just a few of the first references to the Hyde Park mastodon excavation in the media. A cast of the skeleton is part of the traveling exhibition Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age created by the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History.

See the dig

NBC Nightly News September 5, 2000 (best viewed with windows media player)

Read about the dig

New York Times September 5, 2000

Ithaca Times October 11, 2000

Poughkeepsie Journal August 23, 2000, February 23, 2001

Hear about the dig

National Public Radio September 5, 2000 (link near the middle of the page)


Cornell University's Department of Computer Graphics - pictures from the site

Wappingers Fall High School - More pictures of the dig on a Website constructed by a local teacher.