Digsite at North Java, NY

at left: Several piles of dirt that were picked through in search of more bones. A small screen at the left side of this photo was used to filter out the smallest bone fragments. Most of the bones found came from these mounds of dirt. On the right is the pond, from where this dirt was dredged. It is possible, but not very likely, that some bones still remain at the bottom of this pond. On a clear day, the city of Buffalo, 40 miles to the west, is visible in the distance.

Not everything is easy at the site. Above, members of PRI work hard to collect samples for scientific research, as well as sift through the dirt with the aid of a front-end loader and a mechanical shaker, which allowed us to find bone fragments larger than 2 or 3 inches (~5 cm) in diameter.

Some of the bones found to date, including neck bones (cervical vertebrae), toe bones, ankle bones and wrist bones. A skull fragment is also shown, and a large portion of a tusk has also been recovered.

above: Members of the Java Chapter of American Gold Panners and PRI hold up some of their finds. Also shown is a portion of rib recovered by the team of volunteers.