A.B., 1982, Dartmouth College Ph.D., 1988, Harvard University

Positions held:


Assistant Professor of Geology, Adjunct Professor of Biology, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL


Director, Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, NY
Adjunct Associate Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University


Hunter R. Rawlings III Professor of Paleontology and Director of the Paleontological Research Institution, Cornell University

Honors and awards:

1982 Upham Geology Prize, Dartmouth College
1982 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
1995 First runner-up for Best Paper Award for 1994, Journal of Paleontology
2000 Fellow, Geological Society of America
2004 American Geological Institute Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Understanding of the Geosciences

Other professional activities:

1987-1995 organizer/newsletter editor, Friends of the Gastropods
1988-present Coordinating Editor, Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part J (Mollusca 2 - Caenogastropoda)
1990-present Editorial Advisory Board, Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology
1990-1991 Vice President, Southeastern Geological Society
1992-1994 Councilor-at-large, American Malacological Union
1997-2000 Board of Directors, Association of Systematics Collections
2001-2002 Member, Committee on the Preservation of Geoscience Data and Collections, National Research Council
2002-present Member at Large, Council of the International Palaeontological Association.
2004-2007, 2008- Board of Directors, Tompkins County (NY) Chamber of Commerce (Executive Committee 2006-2007)
2005-present Board of Trustees, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
2006-present Council, American Malacological Society
2007-present U.S. National Committee, International Year of Planet Earth

National Science Foundation Grant Support:

EAR-9010802 (SGER): "Stratigraphic and environmental distribution of gastropods in the Pinecrest Sand (Pliocene) of Florida". $7,350. 9/90-8/91.

DEB 9407364: "Reorganization of the collections of the Paleontological Research Institution", $380,464. 9/94 9/96.

DEB 9632403: "Management guidelines and computerization standards for invertebrate paleontology collections: a workshop", $35,536. 5/1/96-6/30/97.

STI-9602797: "Replacement and renovation of collections space at the Paleontological Research Institution", $142,891. 7/1/97-6/30/98.

DEB-9709308: "Enhanced housing, level of curation, and accessibility for two major invertebrate paleontology collections: the Paleontological Research Institution and Cornell University", $345,000. 7/1/97-6/30/99.

OCE- 0401557 (SGER): "Trace metal and morphological proxies for bleaching-related stress in scleractinian corals", $54,453. 11/15/03-4/31/05.

BRC-0447298: "Computerization of the type specimen collection of the Paleontological Research Institution", $253,848. 1/15/05-12/31/07.

OISE-0616719: "Evolutionary dynamics of Neogene turritelline gastropods in New Zealand: an integrated approach. Proposal for an initial planning visit." $10,743. 3/06-4/06.

EAR-0719642: "Collaborative Research: Exploring the links between climate, ecology, and evolution in Paleogene marine faunas of the U.S. Gulf Coastal Plain." $75,000. 8/1/07-7/30/09

Cornell University Graduate Students Supervised

Major Advisor:

Erika Iyengar, PhD Zoology (2002)
Kristin Polizzotto Teusch, PhD Zoology (2003)
Sande Burr, PhD Geology (2005)
Jonathan Hendricks, PhD Geology (2005)
Carol Griggs, PhD Geology (2006)
Ursula Smith, PhD Geology (anticipated 2009)
Mary Kosloski, PhD Geology (anticipated 2011)

Committee Member:

Gregory Graffin, PhD Zoology (2003)
Elizabeth Hermsen, PhD Plant Biology (2005)
Robert Humphrey, PhD Education (anticipated 2008)
Sara Lubkin, PhD Geology (2007)
Miranda Paton, PhD History of Science (anticipated 2008)
Barbara Rojas, PhD Astronomy (anticipated 2008)
Patricio Rojo, PhD Astronomy (2006)

Other Graduate Student Committees:

Laura Stafford, MS Geology, Syracuse University (2004)
Christy Vissagi, MS Geology, Syracuse University (2004)
Heather Baugh, PhD Geology, Syracuse University (anticipated 2009)