Warren Allmon’s Lab: Research Activity

My research is wide-ranging but focuses on three interconnected areas:

  • Systematics, evolution, and ecology of the gastropod family Turritellidae, fossil and living.
  • Paleoceanography, paleoenvironments, and paleoecology in the Western Atlantic during the Cenozoic, and how changes in these have affected evolution of marine biota.
  • How do we study species and speciation in fossils, and what are the roles of ecological interactions, especially those related to food and nutrients, in processes of speciation, particularly as these can be studied in the fossil record.

I also am very interested in the general topic of evolution education, and related subjects such as creationism and the relationship between religion and science, as well as in the history of paleontology, especially its interaction with art.

My lab group includes PhD and undergraduate students at Cornell as well as staff at PRI.