Primary scientific research interests: Paleontology, sedimentology, paleoceanography.

Diversification and distribution of life in the context of interactions of climate, ocean, and tectonic dynamics, e.g., using late Cenozoic ostracodes from the Indo-Pacific.

Influence of biotas upon aquatic chemistry, climate, and sedimentation, e.g., using computer simulation of coastal ecosystems and field/experimental studies of animal-sediment relationships.

Nature of faunal taxonomic change through time and space, e.g., using Middle Devonian marine faunas of Central NY.

Education research interests: Earth system education, informal science education, educator professional development

Integration of authentic research into education contexts to improve interest in and understanding of scientific inquiry

Integration of activities using place-based real-world to improve long-term interest in and understanding of natural science

Approaches to improving understanding of historical sciences and systems thinking, and applications to important core science education issues (geologic time, evolutionary processes, climate change)

Grant Support

National Science Foundation Geoscience Education (FY2009): Tracking climate in your backyard: A museum 4-H collaborative. NSF GEO 0808122, Sep 1, 2008 - Aug 31, 2010, $148,455 (PI: Ross; co-PIs: S. Sands, A. DeGaetano, B. Schirmer)

National Science Foundation Discovery Research K-12 (FY2008): Enhanced Earth system teaching through ReaL Earth Inquiry: NSF DRL 733303, Aug 15, 2007 - Aug 14, 2012, $1,763,588 (PI: Ross; co-PIs: D. Duggan-Haas, S.E. Humbert)

National Science Foundation Discovery Research K-12 (FY2008): Fossil Finders: Using Fossils to Teach about Evolution, Inquiry and nature of Science [expansion of Devonian Seas]: NSF DRL 733223, Jan 1, 2008 - Dec 31, 2011, $1,491,746, $266,951 to PRI. (PI: B. Crawford, Cornell Dept of Education; co-PIs: R. Ross, W. Allmon)

National Science Foundation (FY2008) AToL: Phylogeny on the Half-shell -- Assembling the Bivalve Tree of Life, NSF DEB 732860, Sep 15, 2007 - Aug 31, 2012, $499,990 (PI: Paula Mikkelsen; co-PIs R. Ross, S.J. Chicone)

Earth System Science Education Alliance (pass-through for NASA and NSF Geoscience Education) (FY2008) Global Climate Change and Informal Earth System Science [online professional development for informal educators], June 1, 2008 - May 31, 2010, $39,945 (PI: Carlyn Buckler: co-PI; R. Ross, Rausanne Low of GLOBE)

National Science Foundation (FY2008) Defining the Role of Seminal Proteins in Reproductive Isolation Between Closely Related Insect Species: Genomic and Proteomic Approaches [insect speciation; PI: Rick Harrison] $41,974

National Science Foundation Geosciences Division (FY2007): expansion of hands-on inquiry-based interactive labs in Museum of the Earth. GEO 608062, Oct 1, 2006 - Sep 30, 2008, $141,903 (PI: R. Ross, co-PIs: M.A. Sax, S.E. Humbert)

National Science Foundation EHR Division (FY2007): integration of PaleoPortal website, a paleontology website representing for both researchers and the public, into museum exhibits and classrooms. EAR 552201, Jun 6, 2006 - Jun 5, 2008, $56,535 (PI: R. Ross)

National Science Foundation Geosciences Division (FY2006): development of long-term programming for upper elementary urban students in Ithaca to foster sustained engagement in interests in science. GEO 503583, Jul 27, 2005 - Jul 26, 2007, $66,900 (PI: R. Ross, co-PI: M.A. Sax)

Nation Science Foundation Geosciences Division and Informal Science Education Program (FY2006): planning grant to explore mechanisms of improvement of informal geoscience education nationally in museums and science centers. GEO 500002, Jul 27, 2005 - Jul 26, 2006, $99,321 (PI: Ross; co-PIs C. Buckler, D. Barstow of TERC)

National Science Foundation Teacher Professional Continuum Program (FY2006): research on expanding inquiry-aspects of Teacher-Friendly Guide to the Geology of the Northeastern U.S., ESI 455833, 6/14/2005 - 6/13/2007, 130,076 (PI: R. Ross, co-PI: D. Duggan-Haas)

NY State Council for the Arts (FY2004) for development an educational CD-ROM based on the mural "Rock of Ages, Sands of Time," on the relationships beween art and science

Federal Improvement for Education (FY2004) for development of new programming in Museum of the Earth

American Geological Institute (FY2004): creation of state-based resources for teachers to complement the AGI's EarthComm, a standards-based secondary school Earth science curriculum

National Science Foundation Geosciences Division (FY2003): expansion of the Devonian Seas research partnership project into the Museum of the Earth Discovery Labs and into classrooms remote from CNY, GEO 224562, Sep 6, 2002 - Sep 5, 2003, $82,093 (PI: R. Ross; co-PI: P.G. Harnik)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation (calendar 2002) for creation of a web-based national series of teacher-friendly regional guides to the geology of petroleum resources

National Science Foundation Geosciences Division (calendar 2002) for development of materials for and outside evaluation of Devonian Seas student-scientist partnership project, GEO 202181, Jan 14, 2002, $18,089 (PI: Ross, co-PI: P.G. Harnik)

NY State Council for the Arts (FY2002) for development of plan for secondary school students using interactive activity spaces in new Museum of the Earth

NY State Council for the Arts (FY2001) for development of prototype "FossiLab" interactive exhibit to engage museum visitors in studying fossils

The Atlantic Philanthropies (FY 2002-2003) for the development of internet-published Teacher-Friendly Guidies to the Geology of the Southeastern U.S., and transition of the Northeastern Guide from print to Internet version

GE Fund (FY 2002-2003) for implementation of Devonian Seas student-scientist partnership outreach and teacher training to Syracuse and Utica

(PI Alex Moore) National Science Foundation (FY2001) for creation of a student-friendly GIS Web-based software (PRI is subcontractor)

NY State Council for the Arts (FY 2000) for development of activity booklets and kits for 3 age groups and 3 topics to link school, museum, and home learning environments

The Atlantic Philanthropic Service (FY 2000-2001) for operations of education department, publication of Lasting Impressions: Understanding Fossils of the Northeastern U.S.

Arthur Vining Davis Foundations (FY 2000) for development and publication of the Teacher-Friendly Guide to the Geology of the Northeastern U.S.

GE Fund (FY 2000-2001) for expansion of education outreach and teacher training to Syracuse and Utica

Shell Foundation (FY 1999, 2000) for classroom museum programming at Beverly J Martin School

Post-secondary teaching experience: S=spring, F=fall,(85 to 09 refer to the years.)
Ithaca College
History of Life on Earth [Biol 303-11010] F01, F02, S04, S05, S06, S07, S08, S09
Cornell University
Hawaii Earth Systems Field Course S05, S06
Paleobiology (with others) [GEOL 479] F97, F98, F99, F00, F01
Evolution (guest lecturer) S97
Individual lectures for
TC3, Ithaca College, Elmira College, Wells, and others 1997 to present
Shizuoka University (Japan): fall 1992 to fall 1996
Animal-Sediment Relationships Seminar (with others) S94, F94, S95, F95
Biogeochemical Cycling Seminar (with others) S94
Carbon Cycling Seminar (with others) S94, F94
Evolutionary Biology Seminar (with others) S93, F93
Glacial-Interglacial Climates Seminar (with others) F95
Introductory Earth Sciences F92, S93, F93, S94, F94, F95, F96
Introductory Atmospheric Science S95, S96
Ostracode Biology Seminar (with others) S95, S96
Ostracode Research Seminar F95
Marine Benthic Ecology Seminar (with others) S96
Marine Sedimentology Seminar (with others) S93, F94, F96
Paleobiology Seminar (with others) F92
Marine Sedimentology and Micropaleontology Laboratory (with others) F92, F93, F94, S95, S96
Sedimentology Laboratory for non-geology science majors (with others) F95
Harvard University: spring 1984 to fall 1987 [teaching fellow]
History of the Earth and of Life (under S.J. Gould) F85, F86, F87
Stratigraphy and History of the Earth (under P.G. Williamson) S85

Undergraduate student research supervised at Shizuoka University:

The effect of common marine pollutants on benthic ostracode assemblages (Akito Kumami: completion date: 2-98)

Diversity and biogeography of littoral marine ostracodes off Queensland, Australia: Implications for the ecology and evolution of tropical shallow marine ostracodes (Mamoru Yamakoshi: completion date: 2-97)

Accidental transport of ostracodes by floating algae: Mechanisms for the evolution and biogeography of shallow marine ostracodes (Ryuichiro Suzuki: completion date: 2-97)

Littoral marine ostracodes from northern Australia: Implications for biogeography and evolution of Indo-West Pacific ostracodes (Hidero Dobashi: completion date: 2-97)

The biogeographic affinities of ostracode assemblages from the Ogasawara (Bonin) and Ryukyu Islands (Tsuyoshi Yoshioka: completion date: 2-96)

Animal traces on shallow brackish-water sediments at Hamana Bay (eastern Honshu, Japan) and the effect on sediment transport (Yoshiko Imada: completed 2-95)

A numerical simulation model of CO2 -limited growth rates in phytoplankton and their implications for the biological pump (Hiroaki Kawano: completed 2-95)

13C of wood fragments from Late Pleistocene turbidites at Boso Peninsula (eastern Honshu, Japan) and implications for atmospheric pCO2 (Kanetaka Sutou: completed 2-95)